Sacred Pregnancy Retreat Edmonton - hosted by Peaceful Passage Doulas
Sacred Pregnancy Retreat Edmonton – hosted by Peaceful Passage Doulas

Our first Sacred Pregnancy Retreat was a great success. We had five lovely ladies who thoroughly enjoyed themselves as they prepared their bodies, hearts and minds for their pregnancy and birth.  A big thank you goes out to the following people who provided goods  for our fantastic “swag bags” that each momma took home:

1. Christine Schneider of Discovery Toys.  Each momma got a cute little wooden toy.  You can find Christine at or

2. Jessica Contant of Tiny Hands, Big Words (baby signing).  Each momma got a DVD of baby signing.  You can find Jessica at or

3. Krystal of Bohemian Alchemist.  Krystal gave a discounted price on a little bar of all natural soap.  You can find Krystal at or

4. Tarra Young of Designs by Tarra.  Tarra gave a discounted price on a beautiful pendant necklace for each momma.  You can find Tarra at or

5. Molly Remer of Brigid’s Grove.  Molly offered a discounted price on a lovely tree of life pendant and a tiny pregnant goddess figurine for each momma.  You can find Molly’s lovely work by contacting her at or or on Etsy at

6. Darrell and Georgina of Bushmen’s Bin. Each momma got a crystal point and a rose quartz for their sacred spaces.  You can find these folks by email at or at

7. Sacred Pregnancy Edmonton. Each momma got a copy of the amazing book: Sacred Pregnancy by Anni Daulter.  This is a fantastic companion book for pregnancy and birth

7. Brenda Giourmetakis of Peaceful Passage Doulas.  Each momma got a Beautiful Tummy Balm Bar, Nipple Cream (with no Lanolin), Soothing Salve, and Baby Bum Balm all lovingly created  with organic materials right here in Edmonton.  For more information on these items, please use our contact form.

Thank  you also to Clara Ansel-Houle who did all of the cooking and it was so delicious!  Thank you to Tracy Simpson of the Grow Centre for providing a beautiful space for our mommas! Thank you to Michelle Bressler of Lucid Dream Photography for the lovely images to remind us of this sacred weekend.

Special Thank You to Our Supporters.

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