The Tuck In Ceremony


In order to warm the momma after being open, raw and cooled both mentally and physically, during birth, we can use warm, soothing baths and wraps with deliciously warm rice and lavender bags.  Finishing off with firming belly paste and a bengkung belly wrap.  I had the opportunity to offer one of my moms this service.  When she was all tucked in after her bath and belly rub, her comment was, “I will just stay here for a while.  I am SO relaxed!”  Music to my ears! I am happy to offer these services should you be interested.  See our fees section for possible packages you may be interested in.  What a great idea for a shower gift for the mom who has everything!

Tuck In Cerimony 012 Tuck In Cerimony 009 Tuck In Cerimony 010 Tuck In Cerimony 017 Tuck In Cerimony 024 Tuck In Cerimony 027 Tuck In Cerimony 037 Tuck In Cerimony 040 Tuck In Cerimony 042


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