I have lived in Edmonton for most of my life and have five children of my own.

I never had the experience of choice for birth.  Three of my five sons were born with medical induction, one with limited interventions and one was birthed by c-section.  There were not many choices for women when I was birthing my children.  During one birth, I was fortunate to have a nurse who had been a midwife in England attend to me.  That was probably my most positive and supported memory.

I hope to provide doula care that could ensure the choice of a woman whenever possible.

My goal is to give guidance and support to women in order to provide each one with a powerful experience no matter the outcome and to ensure women make informed decisions that will be in the best interest of themselves, their partners and ultimately their babes.  I look to the past when women were supported by other women who had birth knowledge through experience.  It is my goal to be that supportive person to work toward a peaceful passage from pregnancy to motherhood.  After supporting my two daughters-in-law through their birth journeys, I realized this is my passion.  I look forward to supporting you in any decision you make in your birth journey so that you will look back favorably to an experience where you felt supported and embraced and at peace with your choices.

Since training with DONA as a doula, I have also taken other training including use of the rebozo in birth, Aromatherapy for birth as well as Sacred Pregnancy, Sacred Postpartum,  and Sacred Birth Journey.  Birth is indeed a sacred journey and I look forward to guiding women and their partners in this journey through mini retreats, postpartum ceremony and service and birth journey partner classes.

My other prior experience includes time spent as  Medical Laboratory Technologist (NAIT- RT Microbiology) and twenty-six years with Edmonton Public Schools as teacher, assistant principal, principal and supervisor of Inclusive Learning (Bachelor of Education,  Master of Education).

Brenda is a certified doula through DONA, and is also certified through Sacred Pregnancy to run 8 week Sacred Pregnancy classes, weekend mini-retreats, 4 week Birth Journey classes, as well as being a certified Postpartum specialist and Aromatherapy for birth specialist (Aromatherapy for BirthWorkers workshop has assured she completed all assignments and demonstrated a full understanding of the safe and proper use of essential oils among pregnant, postpartum and breastfeeding women). She is also certified in use of the Rebozo for birth. Check out www.sacredpregnancyedmonton.ca.  Brenda is certified to teach meditation in classes as well. Brenda has met the requirements as a Fertility Doula to support women in their fertility journey through Sacred Living. Brenda recently certified through Prodoula as a Childbirth Educator and Placenta Encapsulation Specialist.   Recently Brenda added bereavement services through Stillbirthday and she is a Certified Holistic Doula through the Matrona.  Also through the Matrona, Brenda is  certified as a Professional Childbirth Consultant and Family Advocate.  As of September 2022, Brenda is a Certified Homeopathic Consultant through the Matrona.

Contact Brenda at peacefulpassagedoulas@gmail.com