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Every woman, family, birth and babe is unique; to me this means that there is no one-size-fits-all doula formula!

I have two children of my own, one born in the hospital and the second born at home. I’ve personally experienced the value in doula support in both settings and the difference it makes to a mother to be in control, positive, and informed of all possible choices. Because of this I’m passionate about helping to provide those things to pregnant women in what can be both a very gentle and also powerful time in her life.

I’m here to help and support each woman through one of life’s most wonderful transitions, and it’s an enormous privilege to share those moments with new and growing families. My goal is to impart women with the education, resources, care and support required for them to make informed and educated choices that are right for their family.  The birth of a child will live on in the memory of a woman for the rest of her life; I want to protect that memory, so that in future years she will still feel that she had been supported both emotionally and physically. It’s important to me that she was given the tools she needed to feel confident in her choices and that she felt I met her needs and wants to the very best of my ability. Just as every birth is unique and beautiful, every birth matters! I look forward to ongoing education opportunities so that I can best guide mothers and mothers-to-be through the amazing voyage that pregnancy and birth is.

Since completing DONA birth doula training Erin has also completed courses in the use of the Rebozo in pregnancy, labour and birth, as well as postpartum Bengkung Belly Binding and sacred sealing ceremonies. Erin recently completed all requirements as a Certified Lactation Counsellor.  She is also working on completing requirements with Prodoula as a Childbirth Educator

Contact Erin at peacefulpassagedoulas@gmail.com

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