Erin is a certified lactation counselor, who can help you with any breastfeeding needs.  Feeling pain while breastfeeding?  Erin can help!  Not sure whether your latch is good?  Erin can help!  Need to learn to hand express?  Erin can help!  Please email if you would like breastfeeding support.

It’s both a privilege and an honor to have the ability to support women and families on their breastfeeding journey. The transition into parenthood is as unique as every individual we serve  and so are their paths into breastfeeding and lactation! Sometimes prenatal breastfeeding education and/or quick newborn assessments are all it takes to see families embarking on their new adventure; and sometimes new parents and babies face more involved or complex challenges to meet their breastfeeding goals. Whether you fall onto either side of this spectrum or somewhere in the middle, Erin is here to go on this journey with you.


Lactation Services

* Private in-home prenatal breastfeeding class. This 3 hour class includes comprehensive information to help set you up for success in meeting your breastfeeding goals! With the use of visuals, dialogue and props my goal is to impart a rounded knowledge of:

-The physiology behind making milk

-How milk is made and the supply and demand system it runs on

-Debunking common myths and misguided information on breastfeeding

-Biological nurturing and breastfeeding

-skin-to-skin and why this is where it all starts

-The big latch and what to look out for; including body positioning and more

-Hand expression and other methods of feeding your infant breast milk


(Can be a choice for an extra service for existing Peaceful Passage Doula clients using the Blissful Baby care package)


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