What is Shared Care?


Shared Care is essentially two doulas for the price of one! Each birthing person receives two sets of expertise, education and double the support.

In addition to their shared certification as Holistic Doulas (The Matrona) and DONA training, Brenda is also a certified DONA doula and offers placenta encapsulation, sacred postpartum and belly binding, while Erin offers car seat support as a certified car seat tech and is a Certified Lactation Counsellor (CLC). Brenda is a certified Childbirth Educator and Erin is currently working on her certification.


With Shared Care, you get to know both Brenda and Erin, as they attend every prenatal. That time spent ensures you have a great relationship with both doulas so you are comfortable with whoever attends your birth. On the day of your birth, one doula will attend fresh and excited to witness the birth of the new addition to your family. The doulas work on a rotational on-call schedule, meaning that when one attends your birth they are fully rested and not over tired from attending previous births. They always arrive ready with the best possible support they can provide.


Why don’t all doulas do shared care?


Shared Care is gaining popularity, as it makes sense for both the family and the doula. Most doulas cannot sustain the demand of a full client load without support. As well, families want doulas who are well trained and have a wealth of knowledge and experience to utilize. Plus, many families fear their ideal doula won’t be available on the night of giving birth. Yet, with Shared Care you know that your doula will know you well and both doulas match in their style and knowledge. This is why Shared Care is superior and why we love it!


Who is shared care for?


Shared Care is for anybody who wants a doula that can be ‘all-encompassing’; a total know-it-all, with plenty of energy and availability to support you in every area of your journey.

Peaceful Passage Doulas offer many services in-house and have partnerships with birth photographers and babywearing educators. Our doulas are also active members in the doula community, serving as members on the board of The Doula Association of Edmonton.


How do I start?


First, we want to make sure we are a great fit! Please fill out our contact form and we will be in touch as soon as we can. Make sure to write down all your questions and concerns so we can give you the best support possible!


Thank you for reading; we look forward to hearing from you.


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