How can we support you during COVID?

We are so excited to be working with our clients with no barriers to doing so!

We value working with our clients and look back on the creativity of our work during the pandemic. We have taken away key practices as a result.  All of our equipment is sanitized after use (this was a practice even before the pandemic!).  We wear appropriate protective equipment as needed to protect our clients, their partners and their newborns. We still complete a rapid test if we feel under the weather to ensure we do not have Covid.  

We have learned to embrace the Zoom platform and now as a time saving measure, we do all of our consults via Zoom, saving the trip to a coffee shop for both potential client and ourselves as our doula practice gets busier with each passing month.  

Meanwhile, continue to let your caregiver know that you will have a certified and vaccinated doula present at your birth.  We are happy to be working along side your caregivers in this sacred birthing time. 

We look forward to serving you and your family in the very near future.