How can we support you during COVID?

We value working with our clients and have had to be creative in how we are able to do that during these unprecedented times. These past few weeks we have been doing our prenatal meetings online and have certainly begun to master the Zoom platform in order to share the material we would normally share in our in-person prenatal meetings. 

We have dropped off or mailed tools like the TENS and peanut ball (carefully sanitizing it after each use) to clients as needed.  We also developed some paper materials that the partner could refer to during birth, like a “doula cheat-sheet for partners”

We have adapted to using FaceTime and text messaging to best support our clients and their partners, even during labour and birth, when we cannot be with them physically.    

We know this is not the best scenario and we want to be with our clients in person more than anything else! We are happy that our clients have told us they feel supported and cared for, despite these changes. As soon as we know that we can be with you all in person, we will celebrate!  Here’s to flattening that COVID curve to non-existence (and Edmonton is on the way to doing so). 

In the meantime, what can you do?  You can talk to your caregiver to express your wish to have your doula present.  You can contact your MLA to express your wish to have your doula present.  You can contact the Minister of Health to express your wish to have your doula present and you can contact the office of the Chief Medical Officer to express your wish to have your doula present.

I think one of the things holding this back is that not all doulas are certified by an organizing body.  Just to let you know, we are DONA Certified doulas, DONA is one of the most recognized international doula associations in the world. 

We look forward to serving you and your family virtually initially, and soon, in person.