May 2024

Brenda was a pleasure to have in our home and was very knowledgeable, and even brought a little gift with some samples which was very thoughtful. I would definitely use and recommend her services in the future. 


May 2024

Our birth story wouldn’t be the same without Brenda. I cannot recommend her and Justine highly enough! Brenda was the one to support us through labour and birth. Her calm, down-to-earth energy, sense of humour, confidence, and advocacy were like medicine. We wanted a home birth but our life circumstances changed unexpectedly and we ended up planning a physiological hospital birth. I was reluctant but with Brenda’s support it was everything we could have ever wanted and more. Her postpartum care is so thoughtful and loving too. Thank you Brenda for making a profound difference in our birth experience that will make a life-long difference to our baby and to our family 


April 2024

Thank you Brenda for all the support you have provided G and myself throughout the years.  It means a lot to have had you as part of all of our journeys.  You provide such a beautiful, caring, knowledgeable service and we happy to have found you all those years ago.

G and D.

April 2024

I am so grateful for the support and calmness Brenda brought to my birth. I felt very informed during the birth prep info sessions and was able to ask all my questions and never felt silly, even with the standard forgetful pregnancy brain. Brenda helped me immensely during the birth, offering positional changes including the shower, and helped direct my partner in applying counter pressure and being my squeeze toy. When the epidural was obviously not going to come in time and wasn’t a feasible option for how close I was to birthing, she reminded me to relax my face/jaw/shoulders and to get on the same team as my baby instead of fighting it. That became my mantra and I was on Team Baby 100%! She kept me informed when I was being stitched up, even massaging my feet when I started cramping, and also managed my partner for how skin-to-skin should be. I have no idea how she multi-tasked so many things at once, but I was so extremely grateful to have her there. The calmness is what drew me to Brenda and Justine as my doula team, because it is something I lack, and I don’t think I could have done an unplanned unmedicated birth without them.


November 2023

This was my first baby and with a lot of unknowns I reached out to Peaceful Passages for support. From our first meeting with Brenda and Justine to our post partum visit , they made things easier for myself and my husband.

They were always available any time we had a question or concern. They provided us with useful and resourceful information leading up to the delivery of our baby.

The calmness that Brenda brought to the room will be something I will remember.  She was there supporting me, able to ask the right questions, provide support to my husband and provide words of encouragement as things got tough.

The recap and timeline that Brenda provided to me post partum helped me to fill in some blanks that were missing from the labor and delivery. Heartwarming and something we will cherish  

Highly recommend Peaceful Passages as an additional support during your journey.

Leanne Purcell

November 2023

We received a lot of feedback from friends about the use of doulas in childbirth. Most of our friends, who didn’t have doulas, believed they were unnecessary. However, those who did have doulas said it was worth it. Based on this mixed advice, we decided to go ahead with doula support for the birth of our child, a decision we now consider invaluable. Brenda and Justine, our doulas, were not just professional and supportive; they were advocates for our birth preferences, ensuring our voices were heard amidst the medical team. Their expertise was particularly evident in anticipating important steps in the birth process, filling in gaps that were occasionally overlooked by what appeared to be not so experienced nurses. This proactive approach led to a smooth birth experience.

Their presence provided a sense of calm and reassurance, which was crucial considering the very sparse and intermittent presence of doctors and nurses during a 12+ hour labor and delivery process. As first-time parents, their continuous support and insightful guidance were fundamental in providing us comfort and confidence during this pivotal moment in our lives. Reflecting on our experience, it’s impossible to imagine going through childbirth without the invaluable support of our doulas. For anyone uncertain about this service, I urge you to consider it seriously. Brenda and Justine were incredible, and I will recommend them to every expectant parent I know.

Patrick and Ashley

November 2023

Brenda supported us on February 14th, 2021 when we welcomed our precious daughter. Fast forward two years later, when to our delight we saw two pink lines on a pregnancy test. I immediately reached out to Brenda and Justine to secure their services. Brenda and Justine were available for questions and support throughout the pregnancy. Our prenatal meeting gave us an opportunity to review birth preferences as we approached the due date. They also provided a referral to a great lactation consultant who visited us after the birth of our baby. Brenda was on call when labor began. Like two years ago, her arrival at the hospital helped me feel calm and ready for the arduous journey ahead. The use of their TENS machine allowed me to work through early labour. It also helped immensely to follow their advice and spend time in the shower. Brenda created a serene environment in the delivery room with candles, twinkle lights and peaceful music. Hip squeezes during contractions, ice chips, knowledge of my preferences, advocacy and gentle encouragement gave me the warrior energy I needed to bring our son into the world! Brenda visited several days later with a lovely care package. Her hand-knit “baby bags” are so sweet and cozy and will be treasured keepsakes for our children. It is evident from our two birth experiences with these fabulous doulas just how much they love their work. It was a blessing to have Brenda and Justine involved in the best days of our lives! 


November 2023

I found Justine & Brenda on Doula Match. I was going through local options and had narrowed it down to 3 women – Justine, Brenda, and one other woman. Then I noticed Justine & Brenda worked together as a team so my decision then became a no-brainer.

When my husband and I met with Justine & Brenda for our virtual meeting, it felt easeful and aligned right away. They answered all of our questions and were super supportive of our desires and vision for our baby’s birth.

I also loved all the options they offered.

Justine & Brenda provided informative care and readily answered any questions we had as they came up.

Justine was with us and provided gentle, loving & intuitive support and encouragement throughout labour.  When I needed hands on support she was there without having to ask and gave space when I asked for it. In fact, sometimes I couldn’t even tell she was there she was so quiet! 

We’re very grateful to have had these ladies walk beside throughout pregnancy and birth.

Shaleene and Kris

October 2023

We were so fortunate to have both Justine and Brenda for the birth of our son in August 2023. Justine was with us during labor, and after a long night Brenda came and joined us for the birth. Brenda and Justine gave us so much reassurance and support throughout pregnancy, but we felt so extremely fortunate to have them there during a difficult birth. They helped us create a birth plan, advocate for what we wanted, navigate and make quick decisions that were best for us when we needed to, and gave us so much peace, comfort, and support during pregnancy, labor, and postpartum. Both my husband and I would very strongly recommend Justine and Brenda– the love they have for this job shines through in everything they do.

Brenda and Justine, we appreciate everything you’ve done for our little family more than we can say. Thank you for your love and support in bringing our son into the world.

Myranda and Ethan

October 2023

Brenda encapsulated my placenta and did it very quickly and efficiently so I got my capsules within a couple of days. She has been lovely to work with and I highly recommend her services. 


September 2023

For my labour and delivery I had Brenda as my doula and I couldn’t have been more comfortable or happier. She was just perfect. She guided me throughout the entire process and was super helpful with the nurse and my husband. She told me exactly what to do and when to do it so that i don’t have to be guessing or hurting myself doing the wrong thing at the wrong time. I feel like having a doula really helped my birthing process and I would totally recommend it to anyone who is debating getting one! 


August 2023

We are so glad that we chose Brenda and Justine with Peaceful Passages Doulas to support us through our pregnancy, birth and postpartum journey. Even though my labour went quickly, Brenda’s presence, support and wisdom were so valuable. She was such a big part of our birth experience and was able to help ensure all of my needs were met. In one of the toughest moments of pain I recall literally leaning on her for support while getting an epidural. I felt like giving her a hug because I felt so supported and cared for. Not only her support during birth but also the care and help from her and Justine during pregnancy and their availability to answer questions postpartum are so greatly appreciated. They are a special pair that we are lucky to have had the honor of getting to connect with.


August 2023

Brenda has completed my placenta encapsulation for both my pregnancies. Brenda makes the process easy by providing clear instructions and then delivering the capsules. The package she provides is beautifully put together, I would highly recommend Brenda if you are considering placenta encapsulation. 


August 2023

I appreciate all the support that my doula provided me with. I was very hesitant having a doula for the birth of my baby, but I am glad I did. Brenda and Justine helped me so much by providing me with many tips to make the best decisions for myself and my baby. Having them as  doulas was the best decision I made for myself during my pregnancy. They make you feel very comfortable and totally support your decisions with zero pressure or shame.

Yasmine rais

August 2023

Brenda, thank you so much for supporting us through our birth journey with W.  You are a wealth of knowledge and always quick to respond to any questions.  Thank you for the gift you dropped off at the hospital.  It truly shows how much you both care with all of the hand made goodies.  Justine, thank you for supporting us at W’s birth.  It was such a special time (and overwhelming and emotional) and we can’t imagine having done it without your continuing knowledge and support.  We truly appreciated all you have done for us.

A and R

July 2023

Leading up to my son’s birth Justine provided much needed reassurance along with education to help me and my partner make informed decisions regarding our care. She was always available to answer our questions and help us both feel comfortable about the process. 

I ended up having a birth experience that veered from the original plan and having Justine there to help provide a calm atmosphere allowed me to feel comfortable and prepared to continue. In addition to the birth experience it was so wonderful to have an opportunity to ask questions about how to take care of my baby and myself post-birth.


July 2023

Brenda was absolutely integral to my first birth experience. She provided so much support through my 36 hours at home. Not only did she do the regular doula things like coach me through the intensity of each wave, she was also extremely knowledgeable about how to get through contractions, how to bring them on and increase them, and when I should rest. My baby was in an OP position, and she knew exactly what exercises to do – we succeeded in spinning the baby and stopping the back labour I was experiencing. 

She has also been a great support to me post partum as I navigate breast feeding and has been regularly checking in and giving advice for my son and I. 

Brenda has such a calm, grounding energy! Even just her presence when she entered my home allowed me to let go of fear and step into the experience. I couldn’t recommend her more!


March 2023

Having Peaceful Passage Doulas as our birthing team was such a positive experience! At first, my partner and I weren’t sure we needed a doula but I’m so glad we decided to as it helped us feel more comfortable and empowered with the whole experience. Justine and Brenda were always super quick and responsive to any questions we had as well as super knowledgable with their answers to those questions. We always felt heard and understood with what we wanted for our birth experience and never felt judged or pushed into anything we didn’t feel comfortable with. Having Justine at my birth was honestly so much more than I could have imagined. My partner is supportive but there’s no way he would have been able to be all that I needed in those moments. Justine was so helpful with different techniques and knowledge in all stages of birth and made the whole process easier to manage. I’m so glad we decided to hire Peaceful Passage Doulas, Justine and Brenda to be our birth team. I would definitely recommend them to anyone! 

Melissa R.

January 2023

We are so grateful for the support of Brenda and Justine during my pregnancy and the birth of our daughter. The prenatal sessions were super informative and gave a great opportunity for us all to get to know each other, and they were always super responsive to our texts. Brenda was present at the birth, and made such a difference for me during that experience. I was not coping with the pain prior to Brenda‘s arrival, and when she arrived she showed both me and my spouse how to help me move through contractions in a way that was very meaningful for us. After the birth, both Brenda and Justine had offered so much support with general questions and also breastfeeding support. 

From the perspective of a husband, I would have been lost trying to help my partner cope with the labor without Brenda‘s support and knowledge. I felt surprised during the prenatals, labor and delivery and after how much support I received as the spouse. It was invaluable to be included like that. 

Overall, knowing that we had two caring, invested and super knowledgeable doulas available to us helped my anxiety immensely before, during and after. Their support helped me to clarify what exactly was important to me during my birth experience, and I always found their support to be non-judgmental and focused on helping me do what felt right to me. We’ve been saying to ourselves for weeks that this was some of the best money we’ve ever spent, and I truly believe it’s made all the difference during our transition to parenthood. 

Daisy ad Colin

November 2022

I had my baby in July this year and I have to say that I am soo grateful for Justine and Brenda! I don’t know how I would have gotten through my pregnancy without their help. I had a difficult pregnancy journey and they were available from the day I signed up with them. Brenda and Justine were a wealth of resources for any issues I had. There was always someone on call. Post delivery when I needed someone for hands on post partum care they were so helpful. I also had the privilege of using their reiki services, belly binding and tuck in ceremony which helped me process my post birth trauma. If you are looking for a doula I highly recommend Peaceful Passage Doulas.

Nana Asabere

November 2022

My husband and I feel so lucky to have had Brenda and Justine support us through the pregnancy and birth of our first child. We met with several doulas before choosing our support team, looking for someone that was experienced, and that we trusted and felt a connection with. Brenda and Justine fit that bill immediately.

Both Brenda and Justine were extremely responsive and helpful during all communication during pregnancy and afterwards. They went above and beyond to care for me and our daughter, and were also mindful of my husband and his care as well.

Brenda was present at the hospital during labour, and we could not have asked for a better support person to have there. She was a steadfast and knowledgeable advocate, and a calming support person. She helped contribute to a very positive labouring experience, and when I had to have an emergency c-section after two hours of pushing, Brenda helped my husband and I navigate the decision, and our feelings about it afterwards. I can’t imagine going through the birth process without her support.


October 2022

Thank you so much for your amazing present that the birth of F. You were so strong, holding my hand, doing the pressure points so many times, telling me to breathe. You were also so calm! It was so reassuring for me.  You were my anchor.  Thank you also for all the pictures and videos! I am so grateful for everything you have done.  I am so happy you were my doula. Wishing you the best for the future and happy holidays to you and your family.


October 2022

So great to work with Brenda!! She made everything so easy for me as a first time Mom. When I inquired about placenta encapsulation, she replied quickly and made pickup and drop off so convenient. I was so appreciative to be referred to her. Thank you so much again for everything.


October 2022

I recently had my placenta encapsulated by Brenda. I had a complicated delivery and she accommodated me by dropping off my pills and tincture at the hospital and was very kind when I met her. I am very happy with her services and am so excited to start taking my pills to aid me in my healing journey. 

Jamie Krinke

September 2022

Brenda and Justine are a lovely doula duo that we had the pleasure of working with for our first baby. We appreciated the information from the prenatal sessions and the little extras, such as affirmation cards and  tools (like a rebozo) that we could use throughout the pregnancy.

Brenda was there for the birth, but both were so good in communicating, answering questions and providing reassurance leading up to the birth.

Brenda was a warm, grounded presence during the labour. I felt very supported and cared for as the birthing person and my partner felt supported in having guidance about how to support me. It would not have been as positive of an experience without having her there.

It was also nice that she took some pictures during the birth and shared a birth timeline.

Having Brenda follow up after the birth and drop off a thoughtful and generous care package made me feel special and cared for, which means a lot in those early post partum days.

We are grateful for both ladies and are glad they were a part of our birth team.


August 2022

Brenda & Justine are amazing, they always respond quickly to any questions or concerns and provides tons of information and options. 

I end up having an emergency c section and they arrived shortly after. Brenda took my placenta and did the encapsulation for me, they kept checking on baby and I and continue to answer any questions. 

The tuck in ceremony was lovely, I was able to relax while baby was being taking care of. Definitely recommend to anyone looking for their service to take advantage of this and the belly binding as well in your packages, you won’t be disappointed. 

Best doulas I could have asked for, they are very knowledgeable and caring. They will be there for you in every step of the way! 


August 2022

Brenda was an absolute life saver in my labour. It was extremely long, lasting 43 hours and without her knowledge and expertise I don’t know how I would possibly have been able to manage. She was always calm and soothing, offering me the right amount of options to keep me going. She advocated for me at the hospital which I really appreciated. When I came back to hospital at hour 36 into labour and was only 1cm, she was sure to let the staff know how frequently my contractions were coming. Because it was coming from her, I think they found her more credible than if I were telling them that. They then allowed me to stay at hospital, which they weren’t going to.
 It was also great having her so my partner could take breaks as well. He can’t say enough about how clutch she was. 

Christy Beckwith

July 2022

My partner and I were so glad we found Brenda and Justine. They work together so well to make sure you feel heard and that they are advocating for you. The drop by visits were very informative and positive which made me feel really prepared and excited for delivery day. They were also super quick to reply questions on whatsapp which was really reassuring knowing that they were there for me. Thanks Justine and Brenda!


March 2022

I moved to Edmonton about a year ago with my husband and 2 little ones and we don’t have any family in AB so it was important for me to have my baby at home instead of in hospital as I didn’t have any childcare.  I didn’t know anything about doulas (even birthing at home was new to me) until my midwife strongly suggested I get one. I’m in an Edmonton mom’s Facebook group and made a post on there for Doula recommendations. I spoke to 3 or 4 different doulas but didn’t feel a connection until I spoke to Brenda
Brenda was suggested to me by another mom in the group who had used Brenda as a doula for her pregnancies. 
Not everyone is meant to be a doula; it’s a calling and Brenda & Justine are gifted with very calming personalities.  They are full of knowledge,  and are spiritual, professional and so easy to talk to.
I don’t have a relationship with my mother so it was very important to me to have someone who had a strong, positive feminine presence and I felt very connected to these two ladies. 
I would 100% without a doubt recommend Peaceful Passage to anyone looking for a doula! Thank you so much Brenda and Justine!!

Ronita Kumar

February 2022

All my mother friends said they wished they had a doula. I wasn’t going to regret not getting one like them. Found Peaceful Passages and the lovely ladies who facilitated the most informed and supportive pregnancy and birth experience. Having a team to help answer questions and concerns and be supportive when emotions and hormones are all over the place was the most amazing. 

When it came to my birth, Justine was there for us! We could not imagine what our birth would of looked like without her. All the support, calming, relaxing environment. Having someone to support me and my partner was everything. Our birth did not go as planned but with Justine’s help, it remained positive and she help us advocate for ourselves to take the time to get composed and make informed decisions that were right for us! 

We will recommend these lovely ladies to every pregnant woman who will listen. We also will use them for our second child! 

A holistic approach to child birth with positive birth experience is what I got out of it and am so proud of my birth because of their help! 

Thank you Justine and Brenda

Ally Behr

February 2022

I was very satisfied choosing Peaceful Passage Doulas helping us with the birth of our son. These two have their own specialty in knowledge and understanding in pregnancy. Can’t thank you two enough for being present through the whole experience, and what we learned.


January 2022

My husband and I chose Peaceful Passage Doulas for support during birth. Brenda was so knowledgeable during our meetings and made us feel so comfortable with her. We loved the fact that she went through our birth preferences with us so we didn’t feel overwhelmed with decisions during delivery. She was available for any questions anytime we needed. She supported my husband through our whole labour/ delivery and helped in any way she could to support what I wanted, which was a natural, unmedicated birth. So happy that came true! I highly recommend Brenda and Peaceful Passage Doulas.. a blessing to our family and the birth of our daughter, Vienna. 

Katie-Lynn and Kirk

November 2021

Brenda, thank you for supporting us during the scariest and greatest moment of our lives. We would have been lost without you and greatly appreciated your calmness, knowledge and humor! Thank you also for the visit and gift basket from momma and B. We are so happy we connected with you and think you are a wonderful doula.  We will keep in touch  until the next one…

K and J

November 2021

I’m so thankful to have had Brenda as our Doula! She was so helpful for both myself and my husband. During pregnancy, being able to ask her questions was so helpful and I felt much more physically and mentally well equipped than I did with my first pregnancy.

My labour ended up with a c-section, but because of the knowledge I gained from Brenda, I knew that my labour was not wasted, and labour actually felt like such an empowering thing!

During postpartum, Brenda continued to support me with my breastfeeding questions.

She is a wonderful and knowledgeable doula and having her help and expertise during my pregnancy and postpartum was so incredible.

Hannah Nel

October 2021

Our experience with Brenda as our doula was great.

We did not have any family around for support partially due to covid, and partially to being new to the city. Brenda‘s support really made the process of pregnancy and birthing during a difficult time feel more natural and beautiful.

Being an Indigenous family we had some specific cultural needs around the birth which she supported in a very respectful and appropriate way. She also provided some really helpful and lovely suggestions for additional complementary therapies that were relevant to us.

Overall, she is very knowledgeable, wise and possesses a very laid back and calming energy that is difficult to describe but is rare to find. She also is an experienced and excellent advocate.

We absolutely would recommend Brenda to anyone looking for a doula in the Edmonton area, and we will always remember her as a key part of our family during our daughters journey to the physical realm.

Marya Bear

October 2021

We first had the pleasure of meeting Brenda and Erin with my first pregnancy. From day one I knew that I was in good hands and that Brenda and Erin are one of a kind individuals who would support you no matter what your pregnancy and birth journey bring. I would recommend them to anyone considering getting a Doula.

With our first birth I did not know what to expect during labour and delivery. I felt well prepared and confident due to all of our meetings beforehand and their depth of knowledge they discussed and displayed. With my first birth, I had an extremely positive experience with Erin and I delivered a happy healthy little boy. Upon my second pregnancy I knew that we wanted their presence and expertise with me throughout the journey again. So, we enlisted their services for a second time.

With my second pregnancy and labour and delivery, Brenda was my Doula. She was again fantastic throughout pregnancy and extra supportive with helping us navigate the extended prodromal labour I experienced. During labour and delivery I had another calm, positive experience and was so happy to share the birth of our baby girl with Brenda. I cannot recommend Peaceful Passages enough to augment your birth experience in the most impactful, patient, supportive way. My husband tells everyone that their services are worth every penny and that everybody should get a Doula when going through pregnancy and labour and delivery. Their service not only helped me feel confident going into the process of labour and delivery, but helped me feel loved and prepared. After labour and delivery, the special services and thoughtful treats they provide you is such a nice extra touch.

I would not hesitate to ask for the presence of the Peaceful Passages Doulas at any future pregnancies if our lives takes us that way. I will forever be grateful and appreciative to them for, I do believe, it was their insightful impact that allowed me to have the most beautiful births.

Danielle Balay

August 2021

We reached out to Brenda for virtual doula support for the birth of our second child. We had a pretty traumatic delivery with our first and were set on making the arrival of our second a different experience. Brenda supported us with virtual consults and was available to us whenever we needed our questions answered. We felt so prepared for the birth of our second baby, and confident knowing we would have Brenda’s support along the way. A couple of days before our little one’s due date, he showed us he had much different plans for his delivery than we did. We were faced with making a very difficult decision quickly. Brenda was right there with us sharing her knowledge, support, and reassurance. Although, our baby’s birth was going to be the exact opposite of our plan, Brenda reminded us it would still be beautiful and helped us with all of the things we needed to ask for to ensure it was. After the birth of our little one, she was a huge support to make sure we properly took care of myself and my recovery. We are so beyond grateful for Brenda’s support and would not have had the confidence to make such a difficult decision with such ease without it.  Brenda’s support, knowledge, and guidance are beyond incredible and we highly recommend her to anyone looking for in person or virtual doula support. 


August 2021

Not only is it my privilege to work alongside Brenda as my doula partner, it was also my privilege to have her present for the birth of my son. Brenda has such a calming and nurturing presence and her sense of humour can brighten any room. She is a wealth of knowledge and highly skilled. Brenda was there to support me as my original birth plans changed, and I can say without a doubt that I loved my birth and would not have changed it in any way. Lindsay and I are eternally grateful for her support and we are happy that she was there for the birth of Ivor. Every birthing person deserves to be nurtured in this way… thank you Brenda

Justine James

July 2021

My husband and I were very grateful to have Brenda and Justine journey with us through our pregnancy and postpartum – they were both such a calm and nurturing team. Absolutely loved Justine’s reiki too.

Brenda was amazing to have at the early part of the birth our little boy prior to our c-section she brought a very reassuring presence at a time when things felt a little uneasy. Our postpartum tuck in ceremony was just beautiful – felt such inner warmth and groundedness.

Alice and Dylan

July 2021

We would recommend Brenda and Justine to anyone on their journey to parenthood. They prepared us for the birthing process in ways we could never prep for reading a book or going online. They made us feel supported and cared for the entire time and were super knowledgeable and kind. No matter what kind of birth plan you have it’s 100% worth it to book with them. We also really appreciated the support they gave to my partner so he knew how to best be there for me throughout pregnancy and during the birth of our child. 

Brenda was there for the birth of our daughter and was an amazing advocate for us. She kept us calm and informed and thought of things we wouldn’t think of asking or prepping. We are so thankful for all she did for us and would highly recommend to anyone (especially first time parents). 

Megan Pharo

May 2021

I reached out to Brenda in 2019 because I wanted to have a plan for handling AB separation (diastasis recti) postpartum. After having my baby, Brenda came to the house (way before covid lockdowns had started). She was very helpful from the start and very understanding, she listened to my concerns and she gave me advice on how to properly belly bind myself. She also taught me some tricks for breastfeeding as baby and I were struggling with latching. I will forever be grateful and will always remember her, I should have made this review way back then but as we all know, mom life catches up real quick.

Having my belly binded doesn’t restrict my breathing, eating, laughing, sneezing, coughing or bathroom breaks, you live your life exactly as you want it without the feeling that your stomach wants to fall out or you are peeing yourself. Also there is tremendous support around your back, pelvis and rib cage, it’s like a custom corset that tailors to your shape as you progress on your journey. I have to admit I did fall off the bandwagon a few times but even today, May 2021, I am still binding my belly as I continue to work on my postpartum recovery. 

My ab separation is practically closed at this point as per my physiotherapist and I’m happy to say I can do intermediate ab workouts without any doming. I am still on my journey but now it’s to strengthen my core muscles and pelvic floor.

What I’ve learned about belly binding is that it’s never too late to start. Even though it’s been months after falling off the bandwagon, I’m seeing results almost 3 days into binding my belly again.

I highly recommend this for anyone out there looking for something non-conventional and non-restrictive to help with their postpartum, pelvic floor strengthening or weight-loss journey. 

Brenda, thank you so much for being there when I needed you the most. 


May 2021

Brenda did my placenta encapsulation for me and I was very happy with the service and product. The entire process was very easy for us, we simply delivered the placenta and Brenda took care of everything and the end product was beautiful. I highly recommend Brenda if you are considering encapsulating your placenta. 


April 2021

My husband and I had the incredible privilege of having Justine present during the birth of our daughter. Justine had many hats to wear during my birth. She grounded me when I became overwhelmed and scared. I distinctly remember looking into her eyes when the doctor mentioned the possibility of having a c-section and our connection gave me the courage to fight through my fear and safely bring our baby into the world on my own. Justine brought a deep sense of calm to each phase of the birth. She created a relaxing environment (even in the hospital) with candles, lavender oils and a quiet voice. She also helped ease my discomfort during labor with multiple different techniques. Finally, she was my advocate and encouraged me to do what I needed to make this birth successful. There was no judgement placed at any point in the process and she supported me with my choice to have an epidural. I truly believe Justine has a calling to do this work and anyone who has her support during their pregnancy and birth are incredibly blessed.

Thank you so much Justine and Peaceful Passage Doulas.


April 2021

We are so happy with our decision to have Peaceful Passage Doulas part of our pregnancy and birth journey. The prenatal meetings helped us gain knowledge and confidence to navigate labour and delivery.  Brenda and Justine were always available for questions. Use of their TENS machine helped greatly with early labour. Once at the hospital, we were comforted by Brenda’s calming presence and experience. We felt empowered to make the right decisions for us, and with Brenda’s support, we experienced a beautiful birth. We feel fortunate to have had Brenda at our side as we welcomed our daughter into the world. I recall saying I felt like a “strong warrior” after giving birth. Brenda’s devoted assistance and care in the delivery room helped us summon strength and courage on the best day of our lives! 


January 2021

Brenda and Justine are amazing! I don’t think I could have done it without them! can’t say enough good things about my experience with both of them!


January 2021

Justine was an amazing person to have present at our son’s birth! She brought a sense of calm and consistency to the hospital. She also was able to support my husband and how he can help me. We really felt she was an important person in our journey. Thank You Justine <3

Melanie M.

December 2020

Excellent support! Thank you Justine and Brenda. Justine, thank you so much for all you did in hospital 🙏🏼🌺🌸. This was my third pregnancy; first time using a doula and I’m very glad for the help. Would definitely recommend.

Janan Jarrah

November 2020

I am very grateful to have found Justine and Brenda for my third trial of labour. Although things did not go as planned, I am really happy with how Justine assisted me in my hour of need massaging my hand with essential oil to soothe and calm me while I felt overwhelmed by my situation. I still feel very touched by her attentive care. Thank you ladies,


September 2020

I cannot emphasize how much strength and support Brenda brought to our first pregnancy and birthing experience. So, it was no surprise that when the “stick turned blue” the second time, our first call was not to our families to share the exciting news, but rather to Brenda to make sure she was available to help us again. This time around, we were lucky to have both Brenda and Erin helping us prepare. They are a delightful and dynamic duo who share a wealth of experience and knowledge and bring with them a sense of warmth and tranquility. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), our second baby came racing into the world so quickly that Brenda (nor our midwife nor a doctor) was not able to make it to the delivery room in time. However, as I labored in the car, parking lot, and endlessly long hospital hallways, Brenda and Erin’s coaching was front and centre in my mind and helped guide us through the delivery of baby number two with the lovely nurses on shift that night. Once again, I could not have gotten through it without them, and should we be lucky enough to have the stick turn blue a third time, they can definitely expect another call from us!

Krys Jones

August 2020

Brenda and Erin were great birth doulas. They provided lots of important info to help us prepare for our daughter’s birth. The exercises were very helpful and helped me to relax. Due to the pandemic, they weren’t able to support us in person. We were extremely grateful for the tremendous online and phone support that Brenda provided while I was in labour. She was with us virtually over 24 hours from the moment my water broke. I felt like she was with us all through the labour process even when she physically wasn’t with us in the hospital.


April 2020

Brenda and Erin were an amazing support for my husband I leading up to, during, and following the birth of our little guy. We were first time parents and were feeling pretty clueless about it all. Covid hit in the middle of our pregnancy, but they found a way to still ensure that we were looked after. They offered FaceTime, phone call or text while I was in labour since they were not allowed to be there in person. My husband was pretty nervous about not having the doula there, but Erin responded to our FaceTimes and texts right away even though I was labouring through the night. Things ended up way different than my birth plan, and Erin was nothing but supportive and explained things to my husband so that he could understand what was going on. I would also highly recommend adding on the tuck in ceremony for after your birth. I was struggling with how things had gone during the birth and that time with Brenda really helped me mentally. I look forward to having them at our birth with the next child. Thank you so much Brenda and Erin


April 2020

My partner and I had the most incredible experience with Peaceful Passage Doulas. They are so passionate and knowledgeable. Our expectations were truly exceeded with every visit and they gave us the tools to feel confident, empowered and calm going into our birthing experience. We will always remember their kindness, professionalism and expertise and hope to work with them again in future pregnancies! 

Michelle Bagnell

August 2019

Erin and Brenda are wonderful, lovely people and excellent doulas. My partner wasn’t sure what to expect from having doulas involved in our pregnancy and birth experience, but after our experience with them, he recommends them to people just as strongly as I do.

They will NOT tell you what to do with regard to health care decisions, nor are they there to power struggle for control with your other heath care providers. What they are there for is providing excellent, clear information about choices you get to make, and your right to make them. They offered invaluable emotional support to both my partner and I through pregnancy and birth. I had some differences of opinion with my doctor, and they were an excellent outlet for reassuring me and helping us to cope with the stress of navigating that. We delivered in hospital on Easter weekend and Erin was there for almost all of my 36 hours of birth process (we didn’t call and ask her to come to hospital until I was needing more support coping). She helped my partner support me, and made sure that he was not the only person I was comfortable with during what is the most intense, vulnerable, and amazing time of my life so far.

They were always punctual, easy to get in touch with, very clear about pricing and services, and very flexible with regard to appointment dates. Honestly, I could write a book highlighting how they helped us so much through pregnancy and birth. Bottom line, I absolutely recommend them, and am crossing my fingers that they will have room to take us on again if we have another baby.

Lindsay Wolanuk

April 2019

I would recommend Brenda for anyone looking for a doula.  As I was laboring, once she arrived I felt like I could take a big exhale and focus on the present.  She was an excellent guide during the experience and helped me understand how to handle each phase of labor.  She was a gentle observer/support who helped me feel safe during the process.  Worth every penny! Thank you Brenda!

Ellen Bromley

April 2019

Brenda and Erin provided us with so much helpful information and support that was so helpful to us as first time parents.  They fit right in with our family and we were so comfortable having them with us on this journey. Would highly recommend this team to anyone looking for an open minded and caring doula.


January 2019

We were so grateful to have Erin and Brenda as our doulas. From the beginning we felt comfortable, informed and cared for. Both Erin and Brenda are exactly the type of person you need when you’re giving birth: calm, encouraging, knowledgeable and caring.

Lucy Stashko

October 2018

This is my third child, but the first time I had experienced the services of a doula. For my partner, Jenny, this was her first child and she insisted on making sure that her experience was as positive as possible. We researched several doulas and landed on Erin and Brenda, based on their extensive background. I cannot say enough how much better the experience of birth was with their help. They visited us several times before the big day and made sure that we were well informed and prepared for birth. When Jenny went into labor, I was beginning to feel overwhelmed as a support person. When Brenda arrived, both Jenny and I relaxed. Brenda’s confidence, and her ability to coach both of us through the process was priceless. She was able to encourage Jenny to be strong, yet relax, and keep breathing through the surges. At one point we were all “ooooooh”ing together and it helped Jenny keep on track. We all bonded through the intimate process of breathing together through labor.

The entire experience was truly magical, and Brenda and Erin had a considerable influence on that. Jenny felt so supported throughout and as a result was able to remain calm and relaxed, even without an epidural. We believe that Brenda’s advice prevented possible issues and sped up labor. Erin visited the next day to offer breastfeeding advice. Our baby feeds well, is happy and healthy, and as a result we get plenty of sleep. I cannot stress enough how valuable their services are, especially to those giving birth for the first time. We are 110% satisfied and recommend them without reservation. Thank you so much Brenda and Erin!

Greg Wondga

May 2018

Hiring a doula is extremely helpful for new parents like ourselves. Brenda and Erin was a huge help before, during, and after my wife’s child birth process. They provided us advice on how my wife can stay comfortable during pregnancy thru exercises and massage techniques, provided a  very good detailed overview of the entire birth process and informing us of what we should be expecting, help ensure we installed the baby car seats properly, assisted my wife in the whole breastfeeding process, and wrote my wife’s birth plan by surveying my wife to determine what she is comfortable during labour process (i.e,what acceptable pain relief techniques to use,  environment of the labour room, who cuts the cord, feeding process after birth, etc) and help us with a contingency plan if birth doesn’t go as expected. We shared our birth plan with our doctor, so he would be informed.They were also always there for my wife before, during and after the the labour process. They came to the hospital right away once my wife was in labour and tried and help anyway they can. During post postpartum, they were always available via text messages to answer any postpartum questions we had, parenting tips, tips/tools/techniques on how to put a fussy baby to sleep, and checked up on us frequently. They also provide photo services during the birth process if you want to have detailed memories.

I would recommend Brenda and Erin to any upcoming new/existing parents who are looking at improving the overall health of the mother and baby, and minimizing potential birth complications during the pregnancy process. They have a vast amount of knowledge and experience (Brenda has five children/Erin has two children) and can share information to assist parents in reaching their needs and goals during the pregnancy/child birth process. I was able to get doula claim thru my insurance benefits.

Thank you Brenda/Erin for all your help, support, advice, and guidance!

David Lee

April 2018

Hiring Brenda was the smartest thing I did for my pregnancy. I was in a rough place as my partner died during the pregnancy and I didn’t have family in town to help. Brenda was warm and considerate from our first meeting, and patient with me while I agonized for too long over which doula to hire. She understands birth as a holistic journey and was equally supportive of the scientific and the spiritual aspects. When she saw I was struggling, she recommended an excellent grief counsellor whose help also contributed to the birth ultimately going well.

I am on the autism spectrum and I had a lot of concern about sensory overload during the birth. Brenda has previous experience working with people on the spectrum and intuitively understood what to ask to make sure I was supported. She helped me prepare what to bring to the hospital, and she was able to run interference between me and potentially intrusive doctors and nurses. She has plenty of experience with the medical system and knows how to speak their language.

Brenda supported my desire for a natural birth at the hospital even when doctors were advising otherwise. I was overdue and hospital staff were pushing for an immediate induction despite the fact that baby and I hadn’t reached the risky time period yet. It was Brenda‘s support that gave me the courage to sign out of the hospital, which turned out to be the right decision because labour started naturally that night. I was able to avoid a cascade of medical intervention that would probably have ended in a cesarean.

During the birth itself, Brenda was a brilliantly calm and steady presence. She knew just how to prompt me to get through contractions, and I was able to do the med-free birth I’d hoped for.

Afterwards, during an extended stay at the hospital, Brenda went above and beyond to help me out, bringing home-cooked food that fit my dietary restrictions, as well as a gift bag full of things to help with recovery.

Pyraxis T.

April 2018

We did a private class with Brenda and Erin and are very happy we went with them. They were very accomodating in working with my husband and I’s schedule and showed up very prepared. They covered everything we could have thought of in relation to both the process of pregnancy as well as labour. I was especially appreciative of the labour portion as there was information presented that I had no idea about before and it helped me to develop my ideal birth plan. I never felt silly for asking a question and they both created a very relaxed and comfortable atmosphere!

Jillian Martin

April 2018

Brenda was great from the very beginning. I was looking for an in-home prenatal class for my husband and I and Brenda was very accommodating with our last minute request. I really appreciated that the class was not only focused on educating us about the physical side of pregnancy and labor but also the emotional and holistic side. I liked that we were able to ask questions at any time. She and Erin were great at including my husband in all aspects of the class and he even said at the end “That was better than I expected, actually! I’m glad I took the class”. He even wore his mala necklace the next day. I highly recommend the class!

Jeanette Sesay

March 2018

I had the privilege to work with Brenda as my Doula for the birth of my daughter in January 2018.

I am still blown away that I found Brenda and Erin at Peaceful Passage Doulas! From our very first meeting, I knew that Brenda was the one I wanted to help me through my transition into motherhood and I could not have asked for a better or more supportive Doula. Brenda is not only a seasoned momma herself, but she has so much knowledge, education and compassion.

Her big heart and passion for what she does was evident upon our first meeting and just grew as our work together developed.
I feel doubly lucky because I had the benefit of working not only with Brenda, but also with her Doula partner, Erin as well. Erin’s help with breastfeeding changed my life and made my experience amazing! My husband and I could not have been better prepared for our first child. We learned about various techniques and exercises to prepare for labour during my final weeks as well as what to expect during labour and delivery.

On the big day, Brenda knew exactly what to say and do and helped us with communicating with the doctors and best of all, helped me labour as pain free as possible without drugs – she knew so many tips and tricks that I would have never thought of! I know that I would likely not have been able to bring the vision I had for my birthing plan to life had she not been by my side. Her professionalism, expertise and big heart kept me calm and powerful when I needed it the most. I felt like an absolute warrior because of all the preparation and support that I got from Brenda. My husband was so grateful that she was there to help him support me the best he could too!
Hiring Brenda was without a doubt the best thing my family did to prepare for the birth of our daughter. I cannot express enough just how much value Brenda brings to the table. I want her to help me with any future deliveries I am blessed with. We love you Brenda!!

Iman Gatti

January 2018

We started looking for a doula for all the reasons one should but especially due to my heart condition, spina bifida and ptsd. Then we found Brenda. She was the one that stood out because of her calming nature, organized, patient and professional manner. She never hesitated to support us even if my pre-existing conditions would be challenging. Little did we know then what an asset she would be to our family. At 36 weeks we found a complication that no first time family wants to hear; gestational hypertension and pre-eclampsia.She assured me we would get through it together.With her support and guidance and direction of my Ob we were able to carry to 39w5d. I couldn’t believe how dedicated she was to us. She relentlessly sat, rubbed, talked and monitored me in and out of the bed. She didn’t leave my side and always kept my birthplan in mind. She supported my decision for an epidural then worked using techniques to help me dilate, she directed my family traffic and ensured nurses and doctors permission to intervene or touch me. The Dr. urged a cesarean delivery due to faliure to progress. Brenda knew this was not in my plan. She stood up for me and suggested we ask for more time. The baby was not in danger and Iwas good. The Dr. came in and just asked quickly but we denied the cesarean. We knew with Brenda there we had the strength to get through this. After 29 hours our son was born. Without her the outcome would not have been as good as it was. After the birth she was there as well. She helped us breast feed and continually checked in. She took photos of the experience and wrote a letter to my son. She continued to answer every question I ever had. This woman is more than a doula. She is an angel, a warrior, a supporter, an educator, a friend, a coach and best of all now our family member! We will continue to recommend her to everyone we know and we will have her as a part of our future and hopefully another pregnancy and birth. Anyone who hired this amazing woman won’t regret it.

Caitlin Grolway

October 2017

Brenda was my Doula for both the birth of my son in December 2015 and the birth of my daughter in July 2017. I have to say I learned more about pregnancy, childbirth and newborn care from our meetings with Brenda than I feel I ever could have in any class or book. She played a huge role in both pregnancies and births and I not only consider her my Doula but now a part of my family.

For the birth of my daughter in July Brenda and I came up with a birth plan that reflected what I felt comfortable with but she also helped me understand that birth is unpredictable and that keeping an open mind is important. When it came time to meet at the hospital Brenda was an encouraging coach to both my partner and I giving us suggestions on what may help us both relax together. Throughout the birth Brenda was always quick to offer different laboring position suggestions and she helped me use the TENS unit for the pain. In addition to her active coaching, Brenda also provided music, candle lights, massage & essential oils. Even though our birth didn’t go quite as we had planned Brenda still helped us achieve our ideal labor and delivery. My daughter was born naturally which wasn’t the initial plan but thanks to Brenda’s warm nurturing spirit and encouraging nature I exceeded my own expectations. Brenda was an incredible cheerleader in moments where I thought I would not be able to deliver my daughter. She is beyond awesome and we love her dearly!

Cynthia Meinke

October 2017

It’s difficult to put into words our gratitude for the enrichment & support that Brenda brought to our birthing experience. Brenda was highly recommended to me by a friend, & after our first meeting, my husband & I knew that, between her warm demeanor, wealth of knowledge, & own personal experiences, we wanted her support & expertise. Prior to our due date, Brenda helped us develop our ideal birth plan & prepare for its execution. She was also available 24/7 to answer any questions, no matter how silly they might be (like how to tell the difference between your water breaking & peeing your pants). We learned so much from her & felt completely prepared for the adventure that lay ahead. At that point, I felt that the education & support she had already offered was the biggest value that she would provide us, but boy was I wrong. You can read all the books & take all the prenatal classes you like, but when you’re in the throws of labour, the contractions & adrenaline seem to erode all that preparation away. Enter Brenda! She was able to ground us in all the chaos & keep us focused on our birth plan. From the moment I started to go into labour to when we met our little munchkin, Brenda was there, coaching us every step of the way. A lot of my labour experience seems like a blur now, but one moment that I remember distinctly was when I was in transition. I was leaning on Brenda as I tried to change positions & as a contraction subsided I literally just slumped over her shoulders & hugged her. I’m sure it only lasted a minute, but the relief from the pain that I felt in that moment was incredible, & it gave me the mental & physical energy to start pushing. The support that she offered both my husband & me was invaluable. No-one knows what the future holds, but should my husband & I be lucky enough to have a second child, we know for certain that we want Brenda to be there again!

Krystil Jones

September 2017

Brenda was a godsend. I truly believe I could not have done this without her! She kept me calm, comfortable and informed from the day we began our pre birth visits right up to the day I gave birth. Brenda was available to me 24/7 to answer any questions I had. She was without a doubt worth every penny. She is knowledgeable, professional and compassionate. I definitely recommend Brenda to anyone who is expecting a baby.

Cheryl Cook

April 2017

My husband and I knew Brenda was a great match for us with our second child after our first meeting with her. Brenda is very professional, organized and personal. She has a quest for knowledge that made us feel comfortable to share our potentially ‘high risk’ pregnancy and delivery with her. Brenda researched and educated herself on our possible complications that may occur in our pregnancy and delivery making us feel that we were well supported and in safe hands. Brenda has a confident and calm demeanor that allows her to control stressful situations. Brenda also has many techniques to aid in minimizing pain and assisting one to have a positive birthing experience. Not only has Brenda assisted with 40 plus doula births, she has personally birthed 5 babies which adds to her wealth of experience and relatability. We are so thankful for Brenda‘s support during pregnancy, though out labor and into the postpartum period.

Nicolette Patry

March 2017

We recently just had our 4th child. My husband works out of town and there was a large possibility he could miss the birth. We started to explore having a doula as an option. Brenda came to meet with us and instantly put us at ease! She has a warm, calming nature. We instantly hired her. Having her at my birth was amazing. Even though my husband made it! (Hooray!) she was a great support! She made sure my wants and wishes were heard and met. (My hubby called her my birth body guard hehe). She was my voice throughout the entire process so I could focus on my delivery. She had some great tips and ideas. She was also a bucket of information that was greatly useful when it came time to make some decisions on my birth plan. I felt very informed and very much at ease!

If we decide to welcome a 5th Brenda will most definitely be by my side!!

Thank you for everything Brenda 🙂

Cerra Jarvis

January 2017

 Brenda is an excellent doula. She stepped in to take over as the backup doula when our other doula had to leave during the end of my labour. Brenda was able to take over seamlessly and supported me through the entire pushing part of my labour and delivery. She ensured that my husband was able to be actively involved in the process and helped me to make decisions and advocate for myself when I was struggling during the end of my labour. Her experience with forecepts delivery helped me to remain calmer than I would have otherwise been, and made me appreciate her breadth of experience as a doula and mother. I would highly recommend Brenda to anyone looking for a Doula.

Nataile Johnston

November 2016

The first time I met Brenda, I was impressed with how genuine and thoughtful she came across.  At the time, I had absolutely no experience with childbirth and was interviewing doulas’ to help me.  Talking with Brenda was easy and her calm nature helped me relax. I am grateful that Brenda and I were able to work together. She was extremely knowledgeable and had resources for anything and everything that I would require for before and after childbirth.

Because of Brenda, my goal of a natural birth was actualized. She educated, prepared and coached me through the process. Even when labour was hard and my spirits low, Brenda stuck by. She was strong when I wasn’t and she knew exactly what I needed as things progressed.

Once my little one had arrived and I brought her home, Brenda made sure that we were settled in ok.  She took the time to ensure that we were both happy and healthy.  Her services were invaluable.

Evelyn Dotimas

November 2016

Brenda was a great support as we planned and went through our birth process. She took great care to listen to our questions and concerns and always supporting our decisions 100%, providing my husband and I with thorough information and resources so that we understood our options at every step. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a Doula who is open-minded, friendly, caring and informed.

Caitlin North

September 2016

My husband and I hired Brenda Giourmetakis in summer 2016. Brenda was wonderful to work with before, during and after the birth of my son. Her experience and knowledge was extremely helpful. I was 41 weeks when I delivered and she helped me ask the doctor the right questions about being overdue and the anxiety that went with that. During the labour she was a great support to me and my husband. She was able to give him direction on how to assist me and allow him to take some breaks so he was able to be a better help to me. She also knew how things worked in the hospital which was really helpful. My goal was to have a natural delivery without medications and the least amount of medical interventions which with Brenda’s help I was able to do that. The experience was exactly what I had planned and wanted. She also provided so many additional pieces that were fantastic including but not limited to pictures during labour and delivery, birth plan, birth story and her amazing bag of tools that she brought to the hospital. It was also nice having someone to text before and after to ask questions or give referrals to me. Having the extra support went a long way. I am super glad that I hired Brenda as my Doula as she exceeded my expectations throughout the process. I would highly recommend her to others.

Carmen Gunthorpe


August 8, 2016

Brenda is an amazing Doula! Her presence and knowledge during the birth of my son was a tremendous help. This was my first pregnancy and I wanted to have an experienced and encouraging coach to help me along the way. It was my decision to have an epidural and Brenda was respectful of my choice and very helpful in educating me in what to expect. She was also a huge help and educator in the weeks leading up to the birth, the childbirth process itself, and what to expect postpartum, offering all natural remedies of her own or of other respected Doula’s that helped a lot. My son, Grayson, was born at the Sturgeon Hospital in St. Albert, AB. Brenda was very professional and nurturing throughout the labor and delivery. I found her coaching and knowledge to be beyond encouraging. Brenda was quick to suggest laboring positions and to ask questions and make suggestions that were in my best interest. In addition to her active coaching, Brenda also provided music, candle lights, massage & oils. She also took beautiful candid photos throughout the entire labour and delivery process which she provided me with via USB stick afterwards. That is a gift I could never thank her enough for. Brenda was a great cheerleader in moments where I thought I would not be able to deliver the baby she also helped me achieve my ideal labor and delivery! If I could describe Brenda in one word it would be PRICELESS! I highly recommend her. Thank you so much Brenda! I’ll be in contact with you for the next baby!

Cynthia Meinke

May 17, 2016

I took both the Sacred Pregnancy class with Brenda and Eldyka, as well as the partner class with Brenda. My experience was completely positive. The two ladies guided us with joy and creativity through explorations that allowed us to safely delve into our hopes and fears regarding our pregnancies, labour, and new role as parents. I didn’t know it at the time, but all the focused work I did in those classes enabled me to embrace the birth of my daughter with peace in my heart every step of the way, even though her birth was the exact opposite of what I had invisioned. The conscious work I did, intelligently guided by Brenda and Eldyka in the Sacred Pregnancy classes, didn’t make me have the birth I wanted, rather it helped me embrace and accept with grace the birth that life gave my daughter and I and set the stage for a smooth and joyful transition into motherhood. I would, without hesitation, recommend Brenda and Eldyka’s Sacred Pregnancy workshops to any expecting woman or couple.

Rachel S.

March 25, 2016

We had a wonderful experience with Brenda as our doula. We interviewed several doulas, but felt like we ‘just clicked’ with her and knew she would the best fit for us. We weren’t wrong.

She was a wealth of information and was always available to answer any questions or to discuss any concerns we had through pregnancy.During my labour and delivery (which was very long and tiring) Brenda was the calm and knowledgeable presence that we needed to keep us going and grounded. I highly recommend her services.

Laura M

February 1, 2016

I found Brenda’s support prenatally and during the home water birth of our second child to be incredible and so important. I look the birth journey class Brenda offered near the end of my pregnancy, and it really put me in touch with my body, my baby and the birth process. We also hired Brenda to put on a mother blessing for me, it was a truly wonderful and empowering evening with myself and the other women I am close to. I found the class to be very healing and informative, bringing out some really great parts of pregnancy that are so easily lost in the preparation for a new baby.  For the birth itself Brenda was so attentive, especially in helping my husband to feel confident and a helpful part of my labor. She was such a comfort to have in our home; just her presence alone helped me to feel at ease. There were moments where I wasn’t sure what I wanted but she knew exactly how to switch directions and help us to find something to bring me comfort. She filled our birth pool while I was laboring and took some really amazing photos of the birth; not to mention emptying and cleaning up the pool after the birth as well. If you are considering Brenda as a doula I highly suggest you meet with her, you will not be disappointed! She was truly a completely invaluable part of our gentle birth team.

Erin Reilkoff

January 27, 2016

I am part of Brenda‘s collective and when it came for me to choose my doula for the birth of our second little girl I knew I wanted Brenda. Her calming nature and friendly personality meant she was the perfect fit for me. During my birth she helped me, hubby and the Midwifes and I couldn’t have done it without her. She is an amazing doula with a true warmth.

Michelle Bressler

January 22, 2016

The day I went into labour, my doula ended up being ill so Brenda was contacted as her backup. Of course I was a little nervous when my doula plans changed but from the moment we met Brenda was warm and made me feel at ease. She met us at the hospital, brought us coffee, stayed in touch when I was in the assessment room for what seemed like forever, then found a way to come in and help me there.

Brenda was easy to talk to and a mothering presence. Since I had lost my mom years before, it was nice to have someone to take care of me like that during labour. She made suggestions for new positions and coping strategies just at the right time. The baby was facing backwards so Brenda had me do some side lying and he turned right before the pushing which was a big relief. Brenda has patience and a calming presence which helped us stay in the moment and appreciate the birth of our son as the special time it was instead of being stressed about the process.

After the birth Brenda visited us at the hospital  with a wonderful gift bag of useful mom and baby items. She also came to our house out of town a few weeks after the birth to visit even though it wasn’t in our contract. I felt a great bond with both Brenda and our original doula and it was nice to start this journey of new parenthood with such a feeling of being cared for.

I would definitely recommend Brenda as a doula and would ask her to join us again for any future births!

Michelle Norenberg

December 12, 2015

I am so thankful for finding Brenda, and having her as my Doula. She was amazing in so many ways and went above and beyond all of my expectations. My pregnancy came unexpectantly and at a very rough time in my life. Brenda, was nothing but supportive and comforting and was a wonderful presence during this stage in my life.  I was more than fortunate to have Brenda, there to guide and educate me through my doctors appointments and go over all of my concerns. She came prepared and full of knowledge. I couldn’t have asked for a better Doula and would recommend her in a heartbeat.

Thank you so much for everything Brenda! We truly appreciate all that you did for us.

Tara Gillispie

December 3, 2015

The Sacred Pregnancy Class brought me this sisterhood that I needed so much in preparation for my birth, being a foreigner with no family and few friends here. It gave me support to overcome some fears. What I liked most was the emphasis on us, on the beauty of our pregnancies, with all the honoring that was involved in it! It brought back a feeling of Sacredness into this incredible journey!

Thank you so much Brenda and Eldyka!!!!

February 9, 2015

I really can not say enough good things about Brenda. She was absolutely an asset to us during the birth of our second daughter. I attempted a VBAC and had a lot of anxiety about it because of my experience with my first. She was a huge emotional support as I prepared for labour, she educated both my husband and I on a multitude of ways to manage the labour. She was an excellent balance of encouraging and pushing me but also being very respectful of my wishes as well. She created a wonderful environment during my labour that was incredibly calm and peaceful. Calmness just sort of flows from her. Any time I started to feel out of control and unable to cope she was able to ground me and refocus me. Although I ended up with another section, I absolutely would not have been able to labour, especially unmedicated, for so long. Even though my VBAC was not successful in that I ended up having surgery again, it was very successful in that Brenda’s emotional support while I was pregnant and her emotional and physical support during my labour, resulted in a very pleasant experience overall, a very cathartic and healing experience, after the chaos that my first daughter’s birth was. If I decide to have another baby I will absolutely ask Brenda to be present again. I could not have done it without her.

Ana Sommers

November 1. 2014

To begin, after my experience with Brenda, I don’t know how anyone could give birth without a doula. It all began with her first visit to our home where we devised a birth plan, she was very knowledgable and not opinionated towards any choices I made. She had many techniques that she showed my partner and I how to relieve pain and stress during my third trimester and birth. As my doula, Brenda held a Blessing way celebration for me. Close family and friends whom were mothers themselves attended. The celebration unlike a baby shower was all about me. It was very emotional, heart warming and empowering. When the time had finally come and labour had began, Brenda was by my side every minute. She was my shoulder to cry on and my focal point in times of pain. She remained very calm and focused on her commitment to my baby and I. She made sure the nurses and doctors stuck to my birth plan and at the times interventions were needed Brenda informed me of what was to be expected and made me feel confident in my choices. During labour Brenda was very focused on redirecting my attention to my breathing and remaining calm in times of panic. She had many great tools to help with the pain. I truly do not believe my birth would have gone as smooth without her. Following my delivery Brenda helped me through my breastfeeding struggles, provided me with great contacts to rectify my sons tongue and lip tie, and performed a tuck in ceremony, another wonderful experience. Beginning with a relaxing bath with rose petals to warm body oil and a belly wrap. Brenda kept my spirits up when they were down, and always kept me positive and focused on my goal, my baby! Brenda is an unbelievably caring and giving person, I could not imagine an occupation better suited for her! My entire experience with Brenda was amazing! I thank her daily for all that she has done for my family. I would recommend Brenda and her amazing skills,knowledge and techniques to anyone!

Thank you Brenda!

Cassie C.

November 2, 2014

My experience with Brenda was just amazing. At the beginning i was searching for a doula because i was so scared of going throught this journey alone, but brenda reasured me that everything would be just fine. We met up at my house where brenda went over all the question and concerns i had about everything. I was super nervous and scared. The reason why i wanted a doula is because my husband was terified for the whole delivery experience and i needed all the support i can get since this is my first baby and pregnancy. Brenda was always available to answer all the questions i had even if it wasnt during our meetings. I could call her or text her about any concerns i had. she was just amazing. She was like a second mom to me because my mom isnt in canada and i was just so sad about that. Brenda was there for me during my delivery and after. I really appreciate all the help and advice she gave me. im very greatful that i got the chance to meet her and have her as my doula.


June 13, 2014

Brenda was a huge help assisting us through our labour process. Her experience, wisdom and knowledge was really reassuring, and gave us the confidence and information we needed to handle everything. We were fortunate enough to secure her services late in our pregnancy, and with what little time she had, she was able to arrange a visit to get to know us and get us feeling comfortable. She was very informative and gave us things to think about, and was available 24/7 through text if we had any questions. When the big day came she was with us through the labour and birth, talking us through things, giving advice, offering suggestions, covering for us, and helping keep things together when we were unsure. After being with us for 12 hours, our baby finally arrived and she was waiting right outside the operating wing to greet him and welcome him. She visited us again at the hospital the next day, and again some weeks later, making sure we really had the support we needed to feel confident. Some of my friends and family are thinking about kids and I would totally recommend them to have a doula, and Brenda would be first on my list of who to call.

Sylvester and Kris