Not Your Mother's Childbirth Education Class

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Peaceful Passage Doulas are excited to be offering this one day, intensive prenatal for expectant parents and their support people! Brenda and Erin are local birth doulas and childbirth educators with a passion for supporting new and growing families and for pregnant people giving birth in control. 

Not your mother’s childbirth class will feature a FULL day, heart-centered, evidence based approach to learning how you can give birth to your child from a place of knowledge, empowerment and peace!

You can leave this class having spent time learning about:
-The physiology of birth (what is your body doing and why?)
-The stages of labour (what needs to happen for your baby to be born)
-Envisioning your own birth journey
– The hospital and home birth experience (What can you expect? What are your choices?)\
– Managing labour with hands on comfort measures 
-The who, what, where and why of drug management in a hospital setting
-Pushing to support your pelvic floor health ( And why this may be important to you later in life)
-The golden first hour
-Breastfeeding 101 with Erin Oltmann CLC (Certified Lactation Counselor) 
-The postpartum experience and having realistic exceptions of yourself and your infant 
-Honoring the journey and transition into parenthood with self love and gratitude.

*Light refreshment will be provided, please bring a lunch. 

Expect to leave with a hand-made mala, hand made massage oil, positive birth affirmations, an empowered attitude and the knowledge to make the right choices for your family!