We have been busy new doulas over the summer!  Not only are we doing our reading, writing and collecting of data, we have been attending births in order to get to our certification.

AND, we have been taking advantage of a variety of learning opportunities that will improve our service for all of you new mommas.

First, we took the rebozo course.  A rebozo is a long shawl that can be used in a variety of ways to offer comfort to the momma during labor.  This versatile tool was used a a blindfold to give the momma some darkness and focus at my last birth.  I have used it to support the belly while the momma is sitting on the ball during contractions.  I used it as a pull in the bathroom while the momma labored on the toilet.  I have used it to do the lovely double hip squeeze during contractions.  I have offered it over to dad either on his own or with me at the other end during contractions.  I used it to sweep over the momma’s head and back for a treat during labor (she loved that!).  At any rate, this has become a regular tool during labor for both of us.

Next, we took the Step 2 Breastfeeding course.  This course was invaluable to learn the mechanics of breast feeding, the stand of the World Health Organization on breastfeeding, and problem solving for new moms. This is the same course all RNs take at “Breast Feeding Friendly Hospitals” like the Grey Nuns.  All staff must take this course to get that label!

Then we thought we wanted to give full service so we took the online Sacred Pregnancy course on Bengkung Belly Binding (please see our link on the menu to learn more about this).  We vowed to care for the moms as an artist of Sacred Postpartum care.  We now can offer the belly bind and the belly firming paste and are the proud displayers of this seal:

Sacred Belly Bind Wrap Artist Seal 2014-05-08-01(1)


Then, not to sit still, I (Brenda) took the Sacred Pregnancy course to learn about hosting two day mini retreats for pregnant mommas.  These two day retreats will promise to offer mommas opportunity to dig deep and learn about body image, fear release, creating sacred space, nutrition, honoring, as examples of the many topics throughout the weekend.  Watch our website for future weekends.

Seals_SPInstructor (1)


Finally, I (Brenda) am completing the Full Mother Roaster (or warmer) course with Sacred Pregnancy.  This course will give me tools to support the momma in the postpartum period and includes the belly bind, plus tuck in ceremonies and many recipes and herbal tinctures or mixtures to support healing for the momma.  I look forward to sharing new found information with new mommas.  Please see our menu for information at a later date along with fees for services.


Our goal is to offer you a peaceful passage from belly to birth.  We look forward to holding this sacred space for you and your babe.  For information about Sacred Pregnancy see www.sacredpregnancy.com

We have been busy!
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