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From belly to birth …

a peaceful passage


unique care

Shared Care is essentially two doulas for the price of one! Each birthing person receives two sets of expertise, education and double the support.

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going beyond

We are proud to have glowing reviews from the families we have helped along our journey. Watch the video above, read our testimonials on Facebook or find our extensive reviews here. 

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Contacting us is easy and pressure-free.  Let our expertise guide you through the doula selection process. 

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brenda giourmetakis

I have lived in Edmonton for most of my life and have five children of my own.  I never had the experience of choice for birth. Three of my five sons were born with medical induction, one with limited interventions and one was birthed by c-section. There were not many choices for women when I was birthing my children.                   


I grew up in southern Alberta and moved to Edmonton in 2013. Since then, I graduated from university, became a certified doula, got married and became a mother. My birthing experience was amazing & life-changing because of the support of my birth team. No two births are the same, but what matters is that you have the  support, resources and information you need to have an empowering birth experience

We do more prenatals

Every client receives a minimum of 3 prenatals.

We do more postpartums

One within a week of birth and one 2-3 weeks after if requested and more support is needed.

We do childbirth education

As well as birth preferences, comfort measures, breastfeeding and early newborn period expectations.

Lactation check

We will support lactation within the first week of birth.  If further lactation support is needed, we have many favorite consultants for referral. 

Complimentary gift pack

Every client receives a gift pack that includes natural products that are hand-made & a baby bunting bag.

More support

Every client gets text support at any time!


"Hiring a doula is extremely helpful for new parents like ourselves. Brenda and Erin were a huge help before, during, and after my wife’s child birth process. They provided us advice on how my wife can stay comfortable during pregnancy thru exercises and massage techniques, provided a  very good detailed overview of the entire birth process and informing us of what we should be expecting..."
D. Lee
"Brenda was my Doula for both the birth of my son in December 2015 and the birth of my daughter in July 2017. I have to say I learned more about pregnancy, childbirth and newborn care from our meetings with Brenda than I feel I ever could have in any class or book. She played a huge role in both pregnancies and births and I not only consider her my Doula but now a part of my family..."
Cynthia Meinke
"Erin was our Doula for the birth of our son in December. She helped us feel confident going into the birth and the early days as new parents. During the birth, her compassion, support, and experience were invaluable. I was unable to get a midwife and was very apprehensive about a hospital birth, but Erin’s knowledge and advocacy for our birth experience provided the reassurance we needed..."
K. Culyer